Thomas J. Mangogna, President & CEO

Welcome to Magdala Foundation!

We are proud and honored to announce that this year marks Magdala Foundation’s 50th year of service to the greater St. Louis community. In 1968, we began our work by opening the first halfway house for women recently released from U.S. prisons. With the faith of our community, we expanded our operations to serve individuals with drug and/or alcohol addictions, mental health issues, parent/child training programs, crisis intervention services in conjunction with SLPD and others. Believing in our commitment to mankind, Magdala Foundation opened five residential facilities for the intellectually and/or developmentally disabled. Servicing the intellectually and/or developmentally disabled adults is our current focus. We are dedicated to help these individuals live a productive life by providing a safe, loving environment.

Although our current services are exclusive to developmentally disabled adults, Magdala Foundation is working to develop additional services that are desperately needed in the St. Louis community. We will develop programs for those who have addictions, mental illness, and others in need of counseling. Please make sure to visit our website frequently for the development of these intended programs and services.

We are humbled by the support of the St. Louis community. It is your faith and strength that drives us to continue our mission. The travels of this road can often be a daunting task, but Magdala Foundation is called to making lives better and truly being our brother’s keeper.

Thank you, St. Louis, for 50 years of service!!!